Developing robust corrosion management strategies for assets in sour and HPHT environments

Following eight years of successful corrosion management conferences in Abu Dhabi, IQPC is delighted to announce the dates of the 9th Annual Corrosion Management Summit, taking place from 13-16 September 2015 in Abu Dhabi.

With the continual focus on reducing costs operators are now looking to push back replacement investments by extending the life-cycle of their current assets while ensuring the highest level of integrity to avoid the enormous costs associated with repairing and operating aging infrastructure and pipelines.

With majority of these assets functioning beyond their existing designed life and a great number of assets being exposed to harsher environments like sour, high pressure high temperature (HPHT),corrosion management is becoming an increasingly important focus for all operators across the region.Hence this edition will cover corrosion mitigation mechanisms for such extreme conditions such as HPHT and sour enviornments to preserve the life and safety of the assets through effective inspection techniques, chemical treatment plans, facility management, repair methodologies, coating selection and AC mitigation, detection and rehabilitation techniques.

At the 9th Annual Corrosion Management Summit, executives will also have the opportunity to address the most current issues of corrosion with their peers and seek solutions. More importantly they will have the opportunity to:


Interactively discuss the challenges with industry experts and hear about their experiences


Learn how to effectively deliver a corrosion control program that reduces costs and maximizes operational efficiency


Understand new technologies and best practices undertaken by industry experts


Evaluate strategies to adapt new infrastructure to different environmental conditions in order to reduce future corrosion risks


Analyze new found solutions in order to maintain the integrity of assets reducing the possibility of high investment for new equipment and materials


Identify ways of reducing operational downtime through non-intrusive and non-destructive testing techniques


13 September 2015


Determining the examination techniques for sulfur and chloride Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) to ensure the integrity of the pipe


Evaluating operating parameter changes and heat exchanger failure to avoid risk

16 September 2015


Corrosion management strategies for effective life-cycle cost reduction


Detecting Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) through advanced technologies to manage corrosion

Who Should Attend?

The 9th Annual Corrosion Management Conference will bring together regional and international operating companies, refineries and petrochemical companies and corrosion management solution providers to come together and discuss the latest advancements in carrion management for the oil and gas sector

Attending departments include:


Corrosion and inspection




Asset Integrity


Subsea integrity













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